Chiropractor for Work-Related Injuries

Helping You Make a Full, Healthy Recovery

Workplace injuries are very difficult to deal with. They hinder your ability to properly perform the functions of your job, while also reducing your quality of life outside of the workplace. Because of this, you should find proper treatment designed to fully heal your injuries and get you back to everyday life. At our Urgent Care Chiropractic Centers throughout the Greater Seattle Area, we have the expertise and experience to give you a well-informed diagnosis and recommend a treatment plan that is customized to your situation. Our goals is to help you make a full recovery in a healthy and timely manner. Please visit Work Injury Clinic Seattle for more information.

Some common workplace injuries that we are able to treat include:

  • Neck sprains and strains
  • Back sprains and strains
  • Spinal disc issues
  • Carpal Tunnel
  • Headaches
  • Tendonitis

From initial urgent treatment for pain to ongoing wellness care that will help you avoid future problems, we are dedicated to ensuring your return to full health and ability. Whatever problems you are having, trust our experienced and knowledgeable team to give you the individualized attention you need and deserve. Call us at 877.277.6200 for more information!

Our Values

  • We Strive For Individuality In Patient Care
  • We Care About Our Patients And Seek To Provide The Best Possible Care
  • We Offer 24 Hour Treatment Availability
  • We Offer Multiple Locations To Minimize Travel While Injured
  • We Put Our Patients First