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We offer 24 hour emergency services and have multiple locations to minimize travel.

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Urgent Care Chiropractic Centers

Providing the Highest Standard in Healthcare

Are you located in the Greater Seattle Area and looking for immediate chiropractic care from experienced professionals? If so, look to our knowledgeable team of healthcare practitioners at Urgent Care Chiropractic Centers! Our centers opened in 2000 when our founder, Dr. Bhanji, noticed that trauma patients weren’t getting the proper attention that they required for their issues. From car accident injuries to injuries sustained on the sports field, we now offer an extensive range of clinical services to treat nearly any problem that our patients may be experiencing in a timely manner. Contact our office today at (253) 661-6101 and learn how we provide effective alternatives to traditional medicine!

Find out more about the chiropractic services that we offer to our patients:

24-Hour Care with No Appointment Necessary

At Urgent Care Chiropractic Centers, we fully understand the importance of providing effective treatment you need when you need it. Our practice does everything possible to ensure that this is an achievable goal for every patient. We are a walk-in clinic with weekend and evening hours, as well as 24-hour emergency contact. Whatever issue you may be experiencing, simply stop by and let us assist- no appointment is necessary!

Six Locations in the Greater Seattle Area

Since the inception of our initial center in Tacoma, we have expanded to six facilities in order to serve an even greater part of the community. We want to minimize the travel time that is necessary when you are injured. From the moment that you set foot in one of our locations, expect to receive the highest possible level of care that is customized to your unique needs. Call us at 877.277.6200 or stop by one of our centers today!

Our Values

  • We Strive For Individuality In Patient Care
  • We Care About Our Patients And Seek To Provide The Best Possible Care
  • We Offer 24 Hour Treatment Availability
  • We Offer Multiple Locations To Minimize Travel While Injured
  • We Put Our Patients First